2017 Debrief & Looking Ahead to 2018

I’ve been reminiscing about this past year and thinking about next year (like everyone else) and thought I’d jot down a few of those thoughts.

  • I began exploring woodworking through YouTube/reading and then took on a few projects this year as a primer. There’s just something serene about taking a stack of rough lumber and conceptualizing, designing, measuring, marking, cutting, gluing, screwing together, sanding and finishing that speaks to my heart. To build something from the abstract thought all the way to reality and doing it in order that God is glorified with that creativity invigorates me. I enjoy the simple processes, as well as learning some more complex techniques and applying them together with an attitude of serious craftsmanship to make something nice. I’ve got some projects that I’ll share from this past year in another post, and have some more planned for the near future.
  • I’ve been trying to be intentional about talking to my wife as of late. Not just the random things that we talk about from the day-to-day, but really have conversations with her. I tend to be a good listener, but not so great at the feedback portion. It’s an ongoing challenge I’m working on. She tends to process things via conversation, while I internalize things. As I continue to work on understanding my wife that way, it draws me closer to her and causes me to love her more.
  • Our third child was born in May of this year. Little #charliegvolk is a blessing to us. His big brother  excitedly waits until he teach him about building with his blocks or how to dig holes in the backyard. His big sister smothers him with hugs and kisses. He is a sweet and happy baby.

    Christmas 2017

    Makes me feel old having three kids. #voltronjr turns 4 this year; he has given us a fair share of struggles and trials but I can see his growth and intelligence coming out too. I’m excited with how all three kids are growing and look forward to the next stages of this year.

  • I’m in the middle of my second year of an electrical apprenticeship program through my employer. I struggled with the first year because it was a lot of low level basics. I did learn some things though, and the second year has been much more challenging. I enjoy taking the things I learn and putting them to use in my job.
  • I started a website, and I have a bunch of ideas for what to do in the next year. I hope to learn some new things as I write. This may include experimenting with HTML, CSS, and PHP (all applicable to a WordPress website).


This isn’t a complete list of the things that have been on my mind but it’s a start. I’ll probably be writing again in the near future. But for now, that’s what I’ve got to share.