My name is Alexander Volkman. I am firstly, a man who loves the Lord. I am a husband who loves his wife. I am a dad who loves his kids. I am a sheepdog who will fight fiercely for what/whom I love. I am a philosopher who loves to think. I am an explorer who loves to try new things and learn how they work. I am a geek who loves technology. I am a craftsman who loves to do things well.

Most of my time is consumed with the two things I am most passionate about: my family and working with my hands. The road that led me to these passions consisted of growing up in a military household where I was homeschooled for many years and then furthering my education at two small Bible colleges where I earned my bachelor’s degree and met my wife, Kara.

The Lord led us down an unexpected turn in the road when, shortly after the birth of our eldest, I changed career paths and started working for an electrical construction company. I discovered I loved working with my hands and doing craft well. This job also stabilized our family income and allowed Kara to stay at home with our kids, instead of the five jobs we had been working between us. Fast forward almost seven more years and our family has grown to include our four children, Dustin, Chloe, Charlie, and Ben.

Currently I am continuing in my career as a journeyman electrician and serving in my local church body. When not at work, you will most likely find me with a hot (or lukewarm) cup of coffee nearby and wrestling with my kids on the living room floor, spending time with my wife, developing a technology skill (like web design or 3D modeling), or crafting something out of wood in my garage. I enjoy pushing myself to improve, whether that is learning a new skill, studying the ins and outs of life or philosophy, or learning how to be a better husband, father, and electrician.