Song for the Day – The Star Spangled Banner

I had been meaning to post this on 9/11, but life was a little crazy that day. If you find yourself being complacent, or ungrateful, spend a little time thinking about the men and women who have died. Remember why…

… and never forget.

REPOST: Dustin DeFord – 5 Years Already

It doesn’t seem like it’s been 5 years since I found out that my friend was killed in a fire. It’s interesting to me to see how God puts people in your lives and uses them to grow you or how He uses there absence to grow you further. I don’t know what I can say except that I still miss my friend, Dustin, and I am still ever thankful for God’s gifting me with our friendship.

I look forward to seeing you again, Dustin, in the presence of our Savior.

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Software – Yeah, I Can Be A Geek Sometimes

Sometime late in 1998, my family purchased our first PC (a beige box personal computer) in order to communicate with my dad via email during his first long-term deployment. This started my journey down the rabbit hole of technology geekery. I discovered the world wide web and spent (way too many) hours reading mostly on the Official Star Wars website. I learned how computers worked too, mostly from fiddling with them and how to find software to solve the problems I came across.

After I graduated high school, I bought my first laptop and really dialed down what I like(d) to do with computers and started to shape the tools I use. This expanded when, in 2009, I bought my first smartphone, the Palm Pre. I learned how to use computers, smartphones, and later even tablets to accomplish tasks, produce content, as well as consume various types of media.

This post is an introduction for a handful of other posts I am working on. I will explore/explain some of the tools I’ve settled on and why I chose them for certain things and how I use them. With a few of them, I’ll dive a little deeper into my uses for them and of the content I follow. Look for more coming soon.