2018 Debrief & Looking Ahead to 2019

Built Dustin a workbench Jan. 2018

2018 was a good year of growth for me personally as well as for our family. We’ve had lots of fun along the way, and plenty of hard work too. Focused on some family time this year. We’ve tried to be willing to just include the whole family with things like running errands and stuff, often hitting Costco on an evening with pizza for dinner to follow at the food court.

The Girls
The Boys

We got to visit some family in CA and camp at the ocean too.

Kara started up here online art store again. I’m pretty excited about her being able to do this and use her eye for art. Check out her work here: BrynnandLee.com

My Beloved Bride

And I got my first deer on our annual hunting trip. We (my wife, my dad & I processed all the meat ourselves this year).

We also found out that we are expecting baby #4 at the end of July. Pretty exciting.

To start off 2019, Dustin and I built our biggest snowman ever!

Dustin and our snowman

Happy 2019!