Blessings in Disguise…or…How 2020 was a Great Year

Right now, all over social media, headlines, and sentiments from passersby all seem to be echoing the same thing: “2020 is finally over!” I hear this from person after person and while I can see some of the reasons this is the consensus, I can’t help but wonder what they are missing. My perspective is that 2020 was a year full of blessings from God, though I see some of these blessings as the “silver lining” of some of the storm clouds that 2020 also had plenty of. I also can’t help but see the expectations most seem to be setting for 2021 are so high, that there will inevitably be a lot of disappointment for all involved.

First, think about 2020; the year was filled with bad things, but also some really good things, the big obvious one being the whole coronavirus thing. Don’t get me wrong, it has definitely been a thing. The first couple weeks of March, things seemed to be pretty bad. I even had to take some time to deal with my own fears regarding the world’s response to this stuff. I went right where I needed to go, to God. He is the Creator of all things, who in all of His knowledge and wisdom made living creatures so small you can’t measure them in microns, you have to use nanometers (viruses). That’s right, even viruses are created by God and they are fascinating to read about in the way they function, replicate, spread, etc.; at least if you’re into that sort of thing. He also created the human immune system which is a “biological process that protects an organism from disease”. It is a function of the human body that can use its own scientific method to observe, learn about and fight all sorts of diseases (including viruses). God is a great God and He is in control of all things, from the greatest of geopolitical conflicts to the tiniest of viruses and every single problem and conflict in between. Good thing #1 He reminded me of this incredible truth.

Coming along with the coronavirus were the lockdowns, the politics, and the baggage. It seems that fear gripped the nation, high and low. The media started saying things without thought or filter, the politicians used the crisis to push agendas, and division came like a tsunami. But, all of these things brought about some good results too. On a grass roots level, you could look around and see some friends, family members, and communities lose their collective minds over this craziness and some who could thrive under pressure. You could see how people behave in a crisis, for good or for bad. Good thing #2 a light was shone on a lot of things.

The death of one man caused riots to break out across the country, stirred up by people bent on a political agenda to affect change on society was hard to watch. It was hard to see so many brainwashed by Marxism seeking to destroy that which affords them the freedom to be in the land of privilege they are in and experience the good things they experience everyday; a nation that even the poorest among us is richer than large percentages of the world’s poorest people. However, it became very obvious very quick that this was rooted deeper than race disparities, or police brutality, or inequality, but a fundamental clash of worldviews was in the spotlight. It revealed people in all walks of life, in all levels of influence, most concerning, within the Church, standing “in solidarity” with a worldview that opposed the very gospel they claim. Good thing #3 The fire was a refining fire, separating worldviews.

I have chosen to highlight only three good things I see as coming out of 2020, but there are many more I could come up with off the top of my head. Traffic has been awesome, our family has had some serious quality time together, etc.; I really could go on and on. I guess, my main point is I see a lot of people who have nothing good to say about 2020 while praising the heavens for 2021 and I don’t want everyone to expect all of their problems to go way this coming year. The political stuff is not over, coronavirus and all of those things are not over, many, many people are in a really bad spot because of the government’s response to coronavirus. Just because it’s a new year doesn’t make those hard things go away. There are  going to be some hard times to come, and there will also be some really good things to come. Most emphatically, Jesus is still on the throne and in control of all things. He is the relief we need and long for, not a new year, not a political party or solution, not a vaccine (effective or not), not race equality or reparations…….just Jesus. Repent of your sin, surrender to Him, for He has already written the end of this story, and He wins (Spoiler Alert!)

Happy New Year! =)