Software – Yeah, I Can Be A Geek Sometimes

Alexander Volkman

Sometime late in 1998, my family purchased our first PC (a beige box personal computer) in order to communicate with my dad via email during his first long-term deployment. This started my journey down the rabbit hole of technology geekery. I discovered the world wide web and spent (way too many) hours reading mostly on the Official Star Wars website. I learned how computers worked too, mostly from fiddling with them and how to find software to solve the problems I came across.

After I graduated high school, I bought my first laptop and really dialed down what I like(d) to do with computers and started to shape the tools I use. This expanded when, in 2009, I bought my first smartphone, the Palm Pre. I learned how to use computers, smartphones, and later even tablets to accomplish tasks, produce content, as well as consume various types of media.

This post is an introduction for a handful of other posts I am working on. I will explore/explain some of the tools I’ve settled on and why I chose them for certain things and how I use them. With a few of them, I’ll dive a little deeper into my uses for them and of the content I follow. Look for more coming soon.